Dinner at the Park – 2 April 2011

The church is called to work where our world is in pain,and often the most excruciating, gut-wrenching pain confronts us right on our very own doorstep. Academia Church’s HOPE program is devoted to meeting the needs of the homeless citizens who make their dwelling on the streets of Phoenix. Due to the crisis of the current recession, there are now thousands of men, women, and children at this very moment who have nowhere to lay there head, and no place but a park sidewalk to call their home. These unfortunate people are daily subjected to the sweltering heat of the Phoenix summer day and the biting cold of the frigid winter night, often having as their only options for refuge the sometimes dangerous and overcrowded shelters of the downtown area.

It is to these people that HOPE brings the comforts of freshly prepared meals, clothing, bedding needs, sanitation products, and more on a weekly basis. Every Saturday afternoon HOPE volunteers prepare a large banquet, take the food and other donations to a designated location, and sit down to share a meal and good conversation with society’s most marginalized. Our most earnest desire, in these difficult economic times, is to infuse these down and out friends of ours and homeless members of our community with HOPE!


For more information on how you can get involved in this mission as a volunteer, please call Andy Medina at (623)628-9940, or send an e-mail to academiachurch@gmail.com. You can click the link provided: http://academiachurch.org/?page_id=502